This elixir was prepared according to medieval practice, a method called Spagyria. The swiss alchemist Paracelcus invented the name Spagyria from the Greek words Spao – which means to separate – and Agyro, meaning: to recombine.  

The alchemical philosophy acknowledges a spirit, soul and a body in all matter: everything contains a consciousness on several levels. These philosophical principles are separated, worked on to evolve into their highest potential, and later recombined to unity. One can call the practice of Alchemy an assisted evolution. 

I have made this elixir to reconnect with our roots and our sense of belonging, and to become an integrated part of Nature. It helps to understand the past, and to formulate a future where one is at home.

The elixir contains calamus root and mugwort. It is a classic ayurvedic mix to help find words and express one self: to be able to talk of large concepts such as environmental grief, to manifest ideas, to feel grounded in one self where one is always at home, and to feel grounded in the wilderness of Nature.  

One should take 7 drops in a little water. 

It can be nice to take before a workshop or conference where one needs to voice and channel important messages or when one feels lonely, lost and cut off from the world. It is about communicating, also with Nature itself. 

Lisa Jeannin, October 2020

Lisa Jeannin is an alchemist, and a visual artist working as a duo with Rolf Schuurmans. They live and work in Sweden.