The Plot, January 2020.

When The Plot was cleared in September 2019, the forester left three spruce trunks for birds to sit on. He took all the wood he could use, which probably was burned in a biomass installation, and left everything else.

These three tree trunks resemble a monument and define a stage-like space, to be used for meetings or performative actions. A circle encompassing the trunks has been cleared of bark and branches.

IPS Typographus tunnel pattern on enamel plaquette, 10x15cm, edition of 3, 2020.

The trunks themselves are used as ‘totems’, and will be charged with items relating to the history, current state, and future of The Plot.

Three Trees or Three Trunks?

September 30, 2020. Engraved plastic plaquette, 7x14cm, 2020.

Although technically these trunks are not trees anymore, I prefer to call them that anyway. By adding plaquettes and other items, the stumps are not completely dead yet. Maybe they move on to another living form.

September 30, 2020. Left: engraved plastic plaquette, 10x16cm, 2020.
October 17, 2020.

Below: a drone photo of The Plot, the area around the Three Trees is marked.

October 17, 2020. Image by Drone Up, Helmond.