Lament for the loss of a particular taste

Dear customer service, After decades, your company has changed the taste of your product from X to Y. This change has consequences for the daily routine of tens, or even hundreds of thousands of your product’s users, including mine. It does not sit well. Let me explain why. One of the most persistent misinterpretations of the Darwinian term ‘survival of the fittest’ is that this involves … Lees Meer


Idéfix (Dogmatix in English) is the canine eco-warrior in the Asterix & Obelix comic book series. The images to the right are taken from the 1971 episode ‘De Romeinse Lusthof’ (‘The mansions of the gods’). Romans cut down trees in the forest surrounding the small village the comic centers on, to make space for luxurious flats. This causes Idéfix to fall into despair – he can’t … Lees Meer

Elixir for Solastalgia

This elixir was prepared according to medieval practice, a method called Spagyria. The swiss alchemist Paracelcus invented the name Spagyria from the Greek words Spao – which means to separate – and Agyro, meaning: to recombine.   The alchemical philosophy acknowledges a spirit, soul and a body in all matter: everything contains a consciousness on several levels. These philosophical principles are separated, worked on to evolve into … Lees Meer

The Five Stages of Grief (debunked)

The Five Stages of Grief (debunked) The Kubler Ross model, or the Five Stages of Grief, postulates a series of emotions experienced by terminally ill patients prior to death, or people who have lost a loved one, wherein the five stages are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Although commonly referenced in popular media, the existence of these stages has not been demonstrated and the model … Lees Meer


To accept blame, we must acknowledge our wrongdoings. Own up to the mistakes, accept the consequences, and be part of the solution.