Idéfix (Dogmatix in English) is the canine eco-warrior in the Asterix & Obelix comic book series. The images to the right are taken from the 1971 episode ‘De Romeinse Lusthof’ (‘The mansions of the gods’). Romans cut down trees in the forest surrounding the small village the comic centers on, to make space for luxurious flats. This causes Idéfix to fall into despair – he can’t … Lees Meer

Elixir for Solastalgia

Lisa Jeannin is an alchemist, and a visual artist working as a duo with Rolf Schuurmans. They live and work in Sweden.

The Choreography (I)

More A nice registration of an energetic group choreography (Russia, see the .gif at the top). Another one, taped in 2017: Busby Berkely and other rituals Above: the Thunderbird dance by the North West American Indian tribe Kwakiutl. And here an example of Busby Berkely’s megalomanic human kaleidoscope choreographies.