Idéfix (Dogmatix in English) is the canine eco-warrior in the Asterix & Obelix comic book series. The images to the right are taken from the 1971 episode ‘De Romeinse Lusthof’ (‘The mansions of the gods’). Romans cut down trees in the forest surrounding the small village the comic centers on, to make space for luxurious flats. This causes Idéfix to fall into despair – he can’t … Lees Meer

Elixir for Solastalgia

This elixir was prepared according to medieval practice, a method called Spagyria. The swiss alchemist Paracelcus invented the name Spagyria from the Greek words Spao – which means to separate – and Agyro, meaning: to recombine.   The alchemical philosophy acknowledges a spirit, soul and a body in all matter: everything contains a consciousness on several levels. These philosophical principles are separated, worked on to evolve into … Lees Meer


To accept blame, we must acknowledge our wrongdoings. Own up to the mistakes, accept the consequences, and be part of the solution.

The Choreography (I)

In the 1990s, Gabber – meaning ‘buddy’ in Yiddish – developed into an important subculture in the Low Countries. Based on hardcore techno, the subculture sported minimal hairdo’s and training suits (preferably of the Australian brand, Aussie, in short) for both men and women. A remarkable dance was part of the package, hakken. This translates as chopping, a descriptive term for the rather angular style of … Lees Meer